Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this program for?

Artists, designers, makers, fashion and textile industry professionals and students who are interested in experimenting with technology and creating new products and artworks. 


Participants do not need a related degree, anyone is eligible to apply, however applicants do need relevant experience in the textile, fashion, design or art field. They need to demonstrate previous works, experiments, or design projects.


How much does the program cost?

We provide a scholarship that covers the tuition fee for 8 selected applicants. We will select applicants based on their previous works and statement of motivation.


How can I apply?

You need to submit a CV and or portfolio. You can apply by filling out this questionnaire.


What’s the language of the program? 

The program will be in English, we will have international tutors.


Can I participate only in some parts of the program? 

No, if you're awarded with a scholarship, you must participate the whole week.


I am not from Hungary, can I apply? 

Yes, international participants are most welcome! The program’s official language is English.


Is accommodation and food covered? 

 No, the scholarship only covers the tuition fee of the program. 


Do I need any experience in digital design?

You do not need any experience in digital fabrication or design. The course is designed to introduce these technologies. However if you already have some experience in CAD/CAM programs or digital fabrication you will be able to create more complex works during the workshops.


What should I bring with me?

You should take a laptop with a mouse. (Touchpad is not sufficient for designing in 3D!) Don’t forget to bring your favourite mug, and pets are welcome and appreciated too! :)


What will I learn?

Our goal is that you will leave with a vision of how you can integrate technology to your work.

Still have a question? 

Contact us!